Hint: Read about webhook in jenkins

Note: this is a pipeline approach


Step-1: Setup simple S3 Bucket

Step-2: here we are using Automated Pipeline Approaches


It consists of Jenkins pipeline and policy required for s3 bucket to allow public access & index.html and error.html files


Git must be configured in windows OS.

Clone awslabs/git-secrets repo using git-bash

Follow the below document to configure git-secrets globally…

  1. Update your git using git-bash. Execute the following command on git-bash.
git update-git-for-windows

2. Clone the repo


git clone https://github.com/awslabs/git-secrets.git

2. open PowerShell “run as administrator”

go to…



Conditions mean working on different scenarios different conditions are required to execute those conditions.

In ansible YAML script we use the “when” command to give the condition.

Let’s take an example of a script:


--- # My Condition Playbook
- hosts: developers
user: ansible
become: yes…


The playbook in Ansible is written in YAML format. It is a human-readable data serialization language and used for the configuration file.
In the playbook, we can write codes consist of Var, tasks, handler, files, templates, and roles. …


node2 [172–21–32–33] node1 [172–31–42–50] server []

Host Patterns =>

Here, we check the numbers of nodes connected to our server in any pattern.


ansible all — lists-hosts
ansible — lists-hosts
ansible [0] — lists-hosts

[0] means first node
[1] means second node
[-1] means last node
means second last…

Ansible is an open-source automation engine that automates software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment.


Push-based configuration management tool.
Ansible is agentless. No need to install any services on nodes (client).

It is secure due to its agentless capabilities and open SSH Security Features.

Ansible does not need any…

Setup S3 Trigger with Lambda and Dynamo DB. Here, we will update the dynamo DB by fetching/triggering the new files added in the S3 bucket using the AWS lambda function which will we be complete automation.

Create an IAM role (having specific permissions to access the AWS services)…

AWS Lambda is a compute service from Amazon Web Services that allows you to run code without providing or managing servers. With AWS Lambda, you can run code for almost any type of application or backend service with no need for an administrator.

Aws manages various administrator services:

  • Provisioning and…

Prerequisite => https://bansalkushagra.medium.com/what-is-bootstrapping-uploading-cookbook-in-chef-server-node-configurations-db59c1991514

Basic commands to List and delete cookbooks, roles, list of clients and nodes

1. To list cookbooks in chef-server

Ø knife cookbook list

2. To delete the cookbook from the chef-server

Ø knife cookbook delete <cookbook_name> -y

3. To list nodes in chef-server

Ø knife node list


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