mavens and GitHub plugins must be installed in Jenkins.

Maven, Github, and Jenkins setup.

Jenkins and maven connection between them

A. Create a Github Repo.

B. Using Eclipse IDE Add Maven project to Github Repo you first created

Means pushing the project on Github using eclipse

Steps-1: Right-click on the project and choose Team->Share->Git and click it.

Steps-2: Again Right-click again to Project->Team->commit and move your project from unstaged changes to staged changes then you are good to go for doing commit and push.

Steps-3: Add your data unstage to stage and commit message if want to.

Steps-4: And Click on Push Head

Step-5: You will ask for the credentials of your GitHub. Add your Github credentials and your GitHub repository link and click on finish.


Note =>

Instead directly use the repository from my GitHub account.


C. Create a JOB on JENKINS AS “cicd_lab1” and Configure it…

Repository URL of your GitHub repo:

Maven command to execute i.e install

D. Now Click on Build now Option on the Left Side of your window and verify the Build Success

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